Milk Bands Breastfeeding Bracelets

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Milk Bands™ nursing bracelet conveniently provides an infant’s feeding information to the mother all on one wrist.

By flipping the bracelet inside-out, the mother is reminded which breast to use when starting a feeding session. Each Milk Band reads Right on the inside and Left on the outside.

The Right side's lettering is Raised while the Left side's is Lowered into the band – allowing the mother to know which side to nurse from day or night (by feel)! Included on each bracelet is a time tracking device used to record what time or how long the baby fed.

The design and colors give the nursing bracelet a trendy and modern appeal. To everyone else, it's a fashion statement, but to you, it's a life-saver! Measures 7 1/2" round by 9/16" wide. 40% thicker than any other silicon wristband on the market! 100% silicon, wipe clean. Made from pure silicon with plastic sliding markers. 

Size: One size fits all.

Sold as a single pack. For twins it is recommended to purchase 2 Milk Bands.